Why You Should Participate?

Because INTERPEX holds the accumulations of;

  • 21 years of experiences in the exhibition and organization sector,
  • The 23 ISAF Exhibitions that are organized in the fields of developing technologies,
  • 3 ISAF Exclusive Exhibitions and Conferences held in the context of conference,
  • In addition, 170 exhibitions that were organized in different sectors
  • Activities followed in developed countries where homeland security systems remain at the forefront,
  • Dozens of exhibitions and events in the same countries,
  • Hundreds of fairs and events visited in many countries of the world
  • Visits to many countries that make purchases from our country
  • Hundreds of meetings with different segments of the sector
  • Thousands of meetings with companies operating in the field of homeland security systems
  • Thousands of e-mails for shared information from industry and users
  • The articles and examinations that have been read and accumulated for years
  • Exchange of ideas with academics
  • Studies with professional consultants
  • The opinions of the decision-makers in related institutions
  • Data obtained from surveys conducted at different periods throughout the years.

Because INTERPEX conducted with very special works for visitor organization process…

  • Conducted with a team that is aware of that an exhibition is not only composed of exhibitors
  • Accepting each visitor as a separate value
  • Processing each stage carefully
  • Being updated according to the developing and changing situations in the world
  • Targeting the renewed visitor segment every year
  • In short, holding the “Noya Fair Philosophy” to go through within the process

The participant of INTERPEX should know that;

  • INTERPEX is a special exhibition where each participant will be feeling like not only as hosted but also owned.
  • INTERPEX is an event that will be renewed and updated every day with the information, request and feedback from the participants.
  • All participants can contribute to the exhibition process with their ideas and suggestions.
  • The visitor organization process is being shaped and enriched in line with the demands and expectations of the participants.
  • Apart from the meetings held by the exhibitors during the fair, it is planned in a way to enable the businessto establish commercial connections after the fair.
  • When designing INTERPEX, the current status of all technologies in the world is taken into consideration.
  • All other sectoral events in the world are monitored and benchmarked.

In short, all of our participants will feel that “INTERPEX is their own fair.”