An Exhibition and Conference
That Brings Together
All Relevant Institutions
All Private Sector Companies
Suppliers and Users
On the Same Platform

Our Country as,

  • One of the world’s top 20 economies,
  • One of the most powerful countries in the region,
  • One of the most experienced countries in the field of homeland security,
  • One of the most important manufacturers in the products and sub-industry that are used by the homeland security institutions

Our country is the most important meeting point that will host an event in the field due to the fact that:

  • Being able to host organizations of many different countries including Middle East Countries, North Africa, Balkans, Black Sea Countries, Turkic Republics countries which are both physically close and holding cultural and historical ties.
  • The fact that the homeland security organizations of our country is one of the most experienced organizations in the world due to the dynamics of the region.

As an international homeland security meeting and sharing project this exhibition holds special qualifications as follows;

  • Our institutions that ensure our internal security will come together with international stakeholders,
  • Different products, tools, equipment and technologies that are used by homeland security institutions in our country and in the world will be exhibited together in one area,
  • The products of our domestic manufacturers will be presented to national and international visitors.
  • Meeting of local and international companies and creating alternatives for cooperation
  • Displaying all brands that are operating in homeland security industry in one single area.
  • Establishing business relations and connections between domestic and foreign companies and ensuring mutual know-how transfer,
  • Having a chance for our internal security organizations to meet international brands and for international visitors to recognize and examine our domestic brands
  • In addition to the exhibition areas where the products are presented, there will be international conferences on homeland security with presentations of ideas and experiences.