(Turkey Retired Police Chief of Social Assistance and Solidarity Association)

Our country, which is one of the most important crossroads in the world has always had a strategic importance in terms of security due to its geopolitical location throughout history.

By virtue of the existence of civilizations that lived in the region for thousands of years, as well as those who wanted to get hands on this region, the region has always had the highest level of security needs. This mobility, which has been continuing for many centuries, has made our country a country with the world’s leading experiences in terms of security as a continuity.

With its geopolitical position and historical experience, our country’s knowledge and experience in the field of security has included it among the leading and mentioned countries in the field of security.  Our institutions working in the field of homeland security and external security are in a very good position among their peers around the world, in terms of experience, capacity and efficiency and they have improved themselves in terms of having the latest technology, weapons and equipment. As a result, our country’s weight in this field has increased significantly due to the fact that we are among the strongest producers in the world security sector and our production has strengthened in recent years.

In the light of all this information as TEMÜD-DER believing to be one of the leaders in the hosting and security, we started working on an exhibition project in the area of homeland security in 2018.  For this purpose, we intend to actualize this exhibition, with the decision taken by our Association Central Board of Directors on 02.10.2018 and 30.05.2019, under the name of INTERPEX EXHIBITION in 2020.

 As the Retired Police Chiefs, we are organizing INTERPEX, within the support and initiatives of the members of our association, where each members has valuable experiences, carried out by Noya Fair Organization / Marmara Fair Organization. Noya Fair / Marmara Fair Organization, which was established in 1999 and has been organizing security fairs since the beginning of its activities, is the leading exhibition organization company of our country with 21 years of experience in the sector and 170 fair experiences.

In recent years, within the rapidly growing security sector and increasing and developing production of our sector companies, our local and national products have increased its reputation in the world market.

With the INTERPEX Exhibition, our local producers will have the chance to meet their local and international visitors as well as to increase their awareness and market shares. It is planned that these guests and visitors will be the managers of security institutions of Central Asia, Balkans, Southeastern Europe and Middle East countries which are in close cooperation with our country. We believe that this will contribute to the acceleration of our country’s security sector in areas such as external recognition, export countries and the amount of exports.

International brands will also take part in the INTERPEX Exhibition and introduce their products to the institutions of our country, as well as having the opportunity to establish cooperation with our local companies and reaching high-level visitors from other countries.

We hope that INTERPEX Exhibition, which is planned as one of the few examples in the world in the field of security and we know that it will reach this target in a short time, will be beneficial to our country, our country’s economy, domestic and international sector companies and institutions,


1st Class Police Chief (E)
Retired Police Chiefs Association General President of Turkey