Target Visitor

The INTERPEX Exhibition, where all around the world those interested will be invited, will bring together sector companies, brands, high-level buyers and industry professionals in our country, which is the crossroads of the continents.

Within the relations and communication established with the sector companies and brands that are targeted to participate in the exhibition, the works will be conducted for all non-participant sector representatives to visit the exhibition. It is aimed to increase business relations and cooperation’s within the sector by coming together of all sector representatives from the largest to the smallest in every product group of the sector.

Institutions and security organizations of selected countries from different parts of the world will be invited to INTERPEX Exhibition. In particular, it is aimed that the national security institutions from the Middle East Countries, North Africa, Balkans, Black Sea Countries and Turkic Republics, where we are close both physically and culturally, will be fully visitors with all homeland security organizations.

The main visitors of the INTERPEX Exhibition in which all public institutions and homeland security organizations from Turkey will be invited and hosted;

  • Ministry of Interior
  • General Command of Gendarmerie
  • General Directorate of Security
  • Coast Guard Command
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Turkish Armed Forces
  • Special forces
  • All Ministries
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Prison and Execution Houses
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • All Public Institutions and Related Units
  • Public Safety and Security Institutions
  • Customs, Customs Authorities,
  • Border and Immigration Authorities
  • Disaster and Crisis Management Authorities
  • Embassies, Attachments, Foreign Mission
  • Security Institutions and Institutes and Educational Institutions
  • Private Security and Security Companies, Personnel
  • Sector Companies (All target sectors of INTERPEX Exhibition)
  • Public Spaces, Stadiums, Event Areas Authorities
  • Critical Infrastructure Contracting Authorities, Architects and Engineers
  • Analysts, Academics & Researchers