Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Equipment and Cyber Security Exhibition


INTERPEX, the first international exhibition that brings together high-level security officers, law enforcement bodies, public authorities and important decision makers on international homeland security in the Southeastern Europe, Middle Eastern, North African and Central Asian Countries’ region taking place at Istanbul Expo Center.

This important event, which will take place on October 14th-17th, 2021, will be the first exhibition and conference being held at this level in Turkey in terms of its content on international scale. INTERPEX has been planned as a unique event in its field and received very positive feedbacks from all internal security institutions and corporate executives (in planning stage.)

INTERPEX Exhibition, will be competing with the similar activities in this field globally from the first day it is organized.  The main target of this exhibition will be to bring together all the segment’s operating in this field up country and abroad at one of the most strategic points of the world.

The visitors and exhibitors of the INTERPEX Exhibition will be the companies and related institutions operating in these sectors. Additionally; NGOs, educational institutions and related media organizations will be among the participants of the exhibition. INTERPEX Exhibition aims to bring together a wide range of exhibitor profiles with the display of different product groups used in the field of internal security in the same area. Producers, distributors and implementers of domestic and international companies will have similar products, complementary and solution partners in the same product groups and different product groups, as well as competing products and even the products that are unique in the world will be exhibited at INTERPEX Exhibition.

The visitors of the exhibition will be primarily representatives of national and international security organizations, institutions and sector representatives. The exhibitors will not only offer their products to end users, but will also have the opportunity to meet with other companies, intermediary vendors, distributors, project developers and implementers and potential solution partners.

Aiming to bring together all the stakeholders, in the field of internal security, all institutions, organizations, establishments, sector representatives, manufacturers, practitioners…

INTERPEX with the shortest definition; will be a very important platform where all these groups will come together to meet, establish new relations and develop existing relations.

We invite all institutions and sector representatives to take part in this important event that is organized as the first international meeting of its sector in Turkey.